I write to express my thanks and appreciations to Pete for helping me to get my driving licence. As a medical doctor in training I knew I would have less time for lessons because of long hours at work and the need to rotate through different hospitals in different cities. Over a period of two years I had many driving lessons, been through many driving schools and instructors in different cities, but Pete did not only help me to obtain my licence in a short time he also made me a good driver. I was so impressed with my progress and his relaxed and methodical approach that I decided to commute from Birmingham to Bristol just to complete the lessons and take the test under his supervision. He was very flexible with my busy schedule, very relaxed and encouraging. I would happily recommend Pete to any potential driver, as he was brilliant.
I heard Pete is planning his own driving school. With his many years of experience and dedication to his work, I am confident he will be successful.
Dr. Samuel Owa, London

Pete is an AMAZING instructor! During my time learning I’ve had bad experiences with instructors and picked up bad habits! Since working with Pete he has undone all the mistakes other instructors have made, and has transformed me into a brilliant driver.
Pete was recommended by a family member of mine who also described him to me as AMAZING! I’d recommend him to everyone, and wish I’d had him as my instructor from the beginning of my learning.
Shanead Wallace x

I PASSED! and it is a MASSIVE …thanks you to Pete! I honestly can’t thank Pete enough. His method of teaching, resources, professionalism and patience are outstanding.
Having had 2 previous instructors, I had picked up some bad habits. Pete, highlighted my strengths and weaknesses and guided me on polishing my technique in a superb manner which then enabled me to achieve high standard in driving. I can proudly say that I am not only a driver but a safe driver.

I have already given his details to some of my friends and intend to keep passing his number on. Pete is simply the best! Thank you Pete from my family and me. We wish you all the success for your school.

As a driver for more than 10 years in Trinidad, Pete had his work cut out beating out all the bad habits that I had acquired over time. Pete was able to quickly assess my strengths and weaknesses and devised a plan of instruction to make sure my driving was up to standard. He has the knowledge and skill to explain what needs to be done in a way that builds confidence. I was thoroughly pleased with my experience of learning to drive with Pete and would recommend him to anyone. Pete is an exceptional instructor and will have anyone driving in just a few lessons.
Kelvin Vine, Southampton.

As previous testimonials have emphasised, Pete is everything one could hope for in a driving instructor and more: Highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced; personable, friendly and encouraging; adaptable, engaging and ever-patient. On top of all this, he’s quite simply a really nice guy. Pete has all the latest gadgetry and techniques at his disposal, along with the most modern, stylish instructor’s car on the road. The mini is a dream to drive and very forgiving for a learner driver. As an instructor, Pete truly is second to none. He keenly appreciates that every student is different and customises his extensive repertoire of teaching methodology, from mnemonics to commentary driving, to reflect their individual needs. It’s clear that he takes great pride in the success of his students and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to pass their test or improve their driving skills. You’ll be in good hands. Learning to drive at the age of 33, I had absolutely no expectation of passing first time, but that’s exactly what happened! Thank you so much Pete; you gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed.
Ryan Bailey

Thank you so much Pete! Just a few months ago I was a scared driver with no confidence – and Pete has helped me to overcome my panic and fear. Pete was always calm and relaxed, very friendly, and hugely encouraging, all of which got my confidence back and made me much happier on the road. His tips and teaching were invaluable, and no matter how many times it took for me to get something right, he motivated and pushed me. One of the best things about Pete’s teaching is that he really gets to know his pupils. He aims to understand the person he is teaching so that he can teach them in the best way for them. That helped me so much because I felt comfortable and at ease, and felt that Pete really knew how best to teach me. Pete not only enabled me to pass my test, but also turned me into a calm and controlled driver. I feel that I now ready to be a safe independent driver and it’s all thanks to Pete’s advice and instruction!
I would fully recommend Pete as a driving instructor. THANK YOU!

For 17 years I always wanted to drive but never managed to conquer my fears until I met Pete. I was very nervous when I first got in the car and never believed I would be so confident. As a working mum my schedule is quite busy and Pete was very flexible and managed to fit in around my lifestyle. Due to Pete’s calming manner, and patience, he helped me to feel at ease with driving rather than it being a scary experience! I passed my test first time and thank Pete for all his help and the way he managed to relate to me individually. He quite simply is a great instructor whom I have recommended to people already, not just for his instructor capabilities but for his calming nature. My daughter is 17 next year and is already talking about her driving lessons and I know just the man! Driving has changed my life and reinstalled confidence and once again, a big thank you to Pete!!
Samantha Osborne

I would like to say thanks again for all the help and support Pete has given throughout the course of my lessons, leading to me passing with him last Tues (1/3/11)! Learning with Pete has been a real pleasure, he makes every lesson enjoyable and informative, he is very concise, identifying any issues and addressing them in a constructive way – all whilst retaining his easy-going attitude. Pete’s expertise really shows as he adapts his teaching skills to suit your individual needs and he is clearly dedicated to making learning with him as clear and concise as possible. Walking away from every lesson I had with Pete, I felt as though I had taken away a better understanding of all aspects of driving and also increased confidence in my own abilities and whilst on the road. It has been an inspiration to learn from someone who clearly takes great pride in his work and his students and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor to learn with in the future.
Daniel Cornish

I would like to thank Pete very much and highly recommend him for everybody who intends to take driving lessons or improve driving skills. His teaching method is amazing! I wonder how Pete can explain difficult things in a simple manner so you can overcome any driving problems that you are struggling with. Pete teaches so brilliantly and efficiently that you come to your test with all necessary knowledge and skills to pass. Moreover, he is so amiable and friendly that driving lessons will be really pleasant for you. Furthermore, Pete advised me on which car to buy and helped me to choose it. Pete, thank you very much, I am so happy that you taught me to drive.
Eugene Kazanov

Pete is a very thorough and patient instructor. His relaxed attitude and genuine interest in his tutee make him very recommendable. Pete is able to take you from any level of driving skill to passing the test. I had been driving in my native country for several years but it is a different ball game driving in the UK!! Personally, there was nothing that took me unawares during my driving test as Pete had drilled me sufficiently. During my driving test, I had two examiners in the car – the head of the South West examiners and Head of Bristol (Kingswood) Test centre, through Pete’s focused and skilled instruction (and by God’s grace) I came out successful. I did so well that the examiners commended my driving skills. Well done Pete!!! I strongly recommend him to anyone who desires to pass as quickly as possible.
Rev Tayo Arikawe.

I have actually found Pete’s website randomly and am very thankful that fate threw him in my path. He understood straightaway my requirements – being ready for my test ASAP. Pete is a very nice person who puts you at ease immediately. He has this ability to make you feel comfortable and safe in your driving but also to quickly spot the areas where you need to work on in order to get it right at the next lesson. Being a nervous learner driver I needed someone who was patient and passionate to show me how to develop this lifetime skill. Pete was exactly the right one because any worries were tackled from different angles in order to quickly unravel them. The only thing which matters for him is how you feel whilst driving. His goal is not only to get you ready for the test but also to make you enjoy your driving. Pete explains everything in a simple manner and is very calm in his approach if things don’t go as expected. He’s an excellent instructor not only because of the way he teaches but because he makes germinating the seed of your own driving skill in your mind. I do recommend him to anyone willing to learn to drive in a very pleasant and efficient way.

I’d like to thank Pete for all your patience and time you took with me to help me pass my test! I have had many instructors in the past but Pete was by far the best! I’d recommend using Pete especially if you are nervous as he spends as much time with you as you’d like explaining and making sure you fully understand everything you are unsure of.
I’m so glad I found you Pete otherwise I would have never have passed!
Thank you so much
Natalie .x

I took A.D.I. training lessons with Pete between June and December this year.
He is very knowledgeable and imparts this information in a concise and positive way. His teaching style is first class, being professional and informative in a friendly and relaxed manner, with lots of practical help and tips.
I feel that Pete gave me the confidence I needed to pass my part 3 and that without Pete’s help I would have struggled to complete my training.
Annette Wakefield A.D.I

Hi Pete,
Once again just wanted to say thank you so much for your expert teaching and guidance. If it wasn’t for you I would have never have had the confidence that I have now which had enabled me to pass. We have an appointment at Renault on Friday so that I can order my car, hopefully I won’t have to wait too long as I don’t want to forget how to drive (you know what my memory is like)!!!
If you do end up leaving Safeway, please send me your new details as I would highly recommend you to anyone I know who wants to drive. Thanks again Pete and take care,
Marie Samuels x

I passed my test first time, and it only took me just under 3 months from my first lesson! Basically, if you’re going to learn to drive and you live in Bristol, contact Pete. His teaching method is excellent; he is very patient and understanding and has a good sense of humour as well! Being a naturally stressful (and very forgetful) person, I was pretty anxious about learning to drive, but after my first lesson on the road I already felt comfortable and at ease in the driver’s seat. I was surprised how the things he said really sunk in, and I really took on board everything he said. Even when I had forgotten something he was very patient and never lost his temper surprisingly! Thanks to Pete’s expert advice, after only a couple of lessons I felt like a confident, natural driver, and had booked my test just 6 weeks after my first lesson. Everyone commented on how quickly I learnt, and how comfortable they feel in the car with me. Pete?s experience is clear to see, the qualifications he has really speak for themselves. Another thing, because I work all week, he was very flexible to fit around my schedule, and I always felt like I was a priority. Pete really picked up on how I like to learn and changed his teaching method to fit that, he is very adaptable to different teaching styles. I was making a 2 hour bus commute to work; now it?s just a 30 minute drive thanks to Pete! Learning to drive really has made my life so much easier and satisfying, and I can?t thank Pete enough for that! I will be sure to make recommendations to everyone. Thanks again!
Nick Griffiths

I had taken driving lessons before meeting Peter, with 3 other instructors- and No L’s teaching method was far superior. Pete caters for you as an individual, and can instinctively pick up on any problem areas, as well as commending your strengths. I was hopelessly lacking in confidence with my driving, but within a few lessons Pete had explained things in a way that made perfect sense, and my driving improved incredibly quickly. I would recommend No L’s to anyone, and am thoroughly happy with the whole experience.
Hannah Brankin

No L’s was initially recommended to me by a friend who had a very good experience with the driving instructor; Pete. Having had absolutely no driving tuition prior to contacting Pete, I was quite nervous about being in the drivers seat. However, you’ll find that Pete takes the time to analyse how comfortable you are and adapts the situation to suit you. We were never once in a situation that I did not feel comfortable with. During the beginning of my tuition with Pete, I was working full time variable shifts. Despite the fact that Pete tends to have a very large amount of clients, it appeared to be no problem at all organising suitable times for lessons. When my situation morphed into full time university stud, Pete was able to offer a consistent time-slot every week. While the primary goal of driving lessons with any instructor is to get to test standard, Pete will also instill some values and skills into you that will help you become a good driver. We progressed very quickly, however I feel that I also picked up some great habits and much better awareness of the road. Overall, you’ll find your time with No L’s to be rewarding and productive. Pete is friendly and easy to get along with, and I would recommend this business in a heartbeat.
Jack Durcan

‘There is only one word to describe Pete- AWESOME! I began my weekly lessons back in January and soon discovered that I was a nervous and stressful driver! Pete’s calm, clear and professional approach was exactly what I needed, he was able to keep me composed during demanding situations and transform me into a great driver. Seven months later, I passed first time with only 6 faults!… Pete, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!’

I am writing to say thank-you Pete for achieving what I (and my family!!) thought was mission impossible. After three years full of bad luck with driving instructors – I came to university as a terrible, nervous driver and had just a few months before my theory test expired.
After a search on the internet, I came across Pete and have not been able to believe my luck since. He highlighted strengths and weaknesses, and each lesson he coached me in such a way that I soon forgot about my nerves. Not only did he manage to get rid of my bad habits; build my confidence up; enabled me to pass my driving test in that short amount of time – he also made the whole process very enjoyable. Pete is an incredible instructor – I only wish I had known about him earlier!

Just passed my practical driving test on the 23rd of December 2013 Thanks to Pete. I took the test for the first time and I passed.What an early Christmas present for myself. 😀 I would like to thank him for the help and support he has given while I was having my driving lessons with him. Very knowledgeable, patient and professional! Pete is indeed a great instructor!. He teaches in a calm manner and with positive attitude. He can tell you straight away whats wrong when you are driving. I was able to conquer my fears, correct my bad driving habit and felt more confident driving. For those who want to learn how to drive, I would highly recommend Pete from No L’s Bristol Driving Lesson. 🙂
Michelle 🙂

Pete is without doubt the best driving instructor ever. You are always encouraged and dealt with very patiently, whilst still making sure you are making good progress. Pete knows every trick of the trade and employs them all to make sure you become the best driver you can be as quickly as possible and knows endless tips to help you pass your test as soon as possible. I really can’t recommend him enough! Thanks again Pete.
Tome Kibble

I would DEFINITELY recommend Pete to anyone learning to drive. Thank-you for everything!!

I’ve been trying to find a good driving instructor for a long time and after trying out nearly 6 instructors, I finally found Pete at No L’s. I felt instantly at ease and the way he teaches is relaxed and he really made me feel confident in my driving. I also had the added pressure of being heavily pregnant but I passed first time 5 days before my due date! Thank you very much Pete, I will highly recommend you anytime!
Sophie Mills

Pete, possibly the calmest person you’ll ever meet. Through his guidance I was able to pass first time. A genuinely nice guy whose adaptive teaching style instantly puts you at ease as he guides you through every aspect of leaning to drive. He effortlessly helped me overcome all of my bad habits through his extensive knowledge, imagination and clever use of visual aids. A true professional who really does turn driving into something you can enjoy. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody, from the more confident to the very nervous learner. Pete, it’s been a pleasure and many thanks.
Lee Watts – Bristol.
I originally passed my driving test getting on for 10 years ago. I was only driving for a year and a half when unfortunately I had a serious accident. The result was an amount of points on my license which meant I would have to retake the test again. As I was living and working in London I didn’t need a car so left it alone. Fast forward to the present I now have a family of my own and moved to Bristol, the urge to get driving again was calling. I failed my practical test twice(!) with an instructor who didn’t seem to pick up on what I needed to refocus on. As I was a good driver he put it down to bad luck. It wasn’t until my girlfriend got driving lessons with Pete that I gave him a go. That was the best decision I made. The thing that impressed me with his style of tuition was we discussed where I was going wrong and put in place a program tailored to iron out and improve my road awareness and positioning which had caused me previous failure. Pete was always questioning my reasons for why I made certain decisions and built up a great understanding of how I managed to fail he tests despite being able to drive. He gave me a much needed reality check on the areas which I was weaker in and I appreciated the honesty he delivered it with. Trust me when I say you will pass your test with Pete as he doesn’t flatter to deceive and will tell it like it is. I had become stressed out with the thought of another test and possible failure but by the time I came to test day I had my confidence in my driving back. I passed my test and feel its down to Pete who got me back to the driver I used to be. Pete I cant thank you enough.
Daniel Cuthell

I would COMPLETELY recommend No L’s Driving School to anyone looking to learn to drive quickly and safely. I have been riding motorcycles for five years now, so getting in a car for the first time was a very alien experience for me. Strait away Pete was able to pick up on this and design his lessons so they were tailor made to methodically deconstruct all the bad habits I have picked up and instil in me the control and awareness that not only help me pass first time, but set me up to be a safe road user afterwards too. I believe that his expert guidance also carried on over to my motorcycle riding too, as I now feel safer, more confident and more reactive to hazardous situations that may present themselves than I did before I started driving with Pete. Pete Bryce is an absolute godsend to the learner drivers of Bristol; he is exceptionally perceptive, tentative and radiates a pleasant calmness that makes learning to drive safely very easy. Never did I feel unsafe while on the road with him, I trusted him fully and knew that he knows exactly what to do in any given situation. His teaching methods are personalised to the individual and if I could give him a higher rating than five stars out of five, I would. Many, many thanks Pete- I’m definitely going to miss our weekly drives!
Will Coleman

I am an established Taxi Owner / Driver in the Mendip area and from April 2014 the local Licensing Authority adopted a new Taxi Policy designed to raise standards.
Part of this new Policy includes the requirement for all existing Mendip Taxi Drivers to pass the DSA Practical Taxi Driving Test by October 2015. While researching the subject online, I was fortunate to come across Pete’s Bryces No L’s website.
From my initial phone call Pete knew exactly what was required, so I arranged to meet in Brislington for an initial assessment. After this I had a further two sessions of really professional tuition, spaced over the following 4 weeks.
Now, having successfully passed the Practical Taxi Test 1st time I would definitely recommend taking a course with Pete Bryce from No L’s.
The secret of success for me was in the relaxed and adaptive style that Pete uses to convey the information required to update my driving skills.
So thanks again Pete
Tim Seccombe

If you are learning to drive, you will struggle to find a better school than No Ls. I wish I found this school when I was first learning! I took the Pass Plus course after not driving for six years since passing my test. I was an extremely nervous driver and Pete instantly put me at ease by being incredibly patient and easy to get on with. His many years of experience as a driving instructor mean you get expert tuition and in-depth knowledge. Pete is very thorough and pinpointed those areas of driving which needed more work so that I could improve.

Pass Plus covers motorways, all weathers, night driving and country roads, which made me feel happier about being in a car again. Pete is professional, encouraging and dedicated to ensuring that his pupils are safe, competent and relaxed drivers. I was unsure whether I would ever get to grips with driving but I feel so much more confident now, thank you